Welcome to the MoxTree Blog!

Welcome to our first MoxTree post! We launched a bit over two weeks ago and there have already been some heartwarming and encouraging testimonials from moms who are finding MoxTree to be a great tool in enabling them to connect with other moms. This is an exciting journey all around and I’m really looking forward to bringing more great features and content to our members and watching this tree grow!

One thing that seems consistent across the board is the need and want to share and relate with other moms, regardless of our stage of motherhood. However, it’s also apparent that we desire that connectivity for some similar and some different reasons at various stages. During pregnancy and as new moms, we’re delving into uncharted waters–areas we’ve never navigated and it’s frightening; exciting, but frightening. Increasingly, women are faced with the multifaceted challenges of fertility; who better to understand this difficult process than another mom who has walked in those shoes? As our children become a bit older, we’re still encountering obstacles but of a different sort–education questions arise as well as behavioral. Questions also arise for moms–some may wonder when they should return to work while others may be contemplating a change of career and how that may affect their family. Or, diving into a new hobby or passion and how to carve out time in an already packed day; how to create the seemingly elusive ‘me’ time. Moms of older children are juggling carpools, wondering how to handle technology guidelines and parameters with their children, thinking about college or contemplating a move to a new area.

Along with these twists and turns along the way, it’s also imperative that we have that solid network of moms to share the joyous moments with; from feeling that baby kick in the womb or finding out the great news that an adoption is on the horizon, to the feeling of hearing their first word, viewing their first step, or watching them walk into kindergarten on the first day of school. Or relating to another mom about the experience in observing their child’s first soccer goal or music recital. There’s also the general day-to-day activities, challenges, and triumphs that no one can understand better than fellow mom.

For this first blog post, we’d love to hear your thoughts and wisdom about the significance of mom-friends in your life and which stage of motherhood you’re in (expecting, new mom, third time mom, mom to a teenager, etc.). We welcome your input and wisdom!


Until the next post…
Founder/CEO, MoxTree