About Us

MoxTree's mission is to bring moms together based on commonalities and help them share experiences and interests in their area.

After leaving a whirlwind career in the corporate world and delving into the 'mommy world' with my infant son, I saw a gaping hole in the way moms were coming together. I attended various mom-meetup groups and noticed that the main denominator that connected moms was the fact that they had a child. To me, it didn't seem like enough, to form sustainable and substantial relationships, and the more I spoke to other moms about this, an overwhelming number of them agreed. Motherhood can feel similar to navigating a foreign land, and forming a solid network and support group at such a vulnerable time is so critically important--there had to be a better way to connect. Fast-forward a year and a half later, while raising a two and a half year old and six month old, my third 'child', MoxTree, was born.

In this day and age, moms are juggling so much. Some are raising children while staying at home, working outside the home, working part-time and working from home. Some are single moms, moms with multiples, or moms struggling with fertility. And what about interests such as fitness, children's allergies, travel, cooking/baking, sports, play dates, moms night out?

At MoxTree moms can 'match' with other moms based on all of the parameters mentioned, and more! Here's how:

  • - Register and complete a quick profile
  • - Use the search filters on the main page to find moms with similar interests to yourself
  • - Add other members to your 'dashboard' at the top of the page and connect
  • - Create and name your own groups (i.e. fitness, play dates, etc.) with the 'edit' button at the dashboard

Like many other moms, we hope you find MoxTree to be your place to meet like-minded moms to share experiences and interests with during one of life's most colorful journeys...motherhood!

Please let us know what we could do even better to help you. We welcome feedback and input from our MoxTree members!

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